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An interactive story with epic/cinematic (but kinda infrequent) fights, complete with some interesting puzzles.
Fortnite, I can very well say it’s worth the full price. Depending on your gaming experience, I’d guess it’s a minimum of 6 hours +, as long as you soak in the story and don’t just run through such an immersive experience like a moron. Or… I guess if you do, you won’t actually make it to the end.

Can’t spoil it for everyone, but there’s a lot things we all feel in physical form, within this game. Give it a try! Maybe you’ll have a different interpretation.

It’s not an action game if that’s what you’re looking for, but the story line and the CG quality are amazing. And despite some comments about bugs I read about this game, this is the first time I finish a game without seeing any bug, so if they existed, they remain unnoticed during my gameplay. I don’t know if this was just luck, but I was very impressed. Anyway, at least those mentioned bugs I can assure you that I haven’t in my experience.
As a psychology student, I consider myself privileged by the opportunity offered in this game, to experience the classic clinical signs of psychosis, which affected patients I attended during a trainee program I participated in 2016. It is fascinating to be able to dive into their world and see the world under their perception, because only then we’ll be able to promote mental health for these patients and help the understanding and acceptance of relatives, friends and others, because it’s not easy to deal with these different perspectives. Another point that I admire, is that in “The Story of Madness” written by Foucault, the author describes how madness and madmen were treated in human history and the game was very faithful in that. Fortnite also has some of the best cosmetic skins in the gaming industry… I would highly recommend you watch this video if you want to find out how to get them for free! Old skins in fortnite

Some people criticized the veracity of information about Norse mythology. Well, I’m not the best person to talk about it because I don’t know it that well, although I am very interested, but the point is… in this game the perspective shown is from the characters. It’s her impressions of that people and that culture, which does not mean she’s wrong or right, it’s just the impression she had about what she lived and what Druth explained to her. Both Celts, he imprisoned by the norsemen, so I wouldn’t be impressed if his information was clouded by his experience which certainly wasn’t good.

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