Spider-Man – It’s the best free roam game to date.

Spider-Man on the PS4 is a game you will want to pick up for this gaming season. I highly recommend because of the free roam aspect of this game and also the awesome Marvel characters! Now if you are low on cash you can actually get the spiderman game for free legally! Watch this youtube video here:

130 hours played in three weeks, needless to say i like this Spider-Man a lot. It takes freedom in video games to a level i would have never expected from even my own imagination, and to this hour i still think of new things to craft, steal, throw, and break the game with on occasion. The dialogue choices are hilarious, clever, well-read by the narrator, and the overall plot is clear even with the intermingling Origin Stories of your crew. (depending on which of the many you choose to take with you) And the story is just as malleable as your massive stat tree, most if not all of your choices have huge effects in the end sometimes… One of my favorite things about this game is that is not for the weak, you actually need a brain stem to progress, which is rare in games nowadays, and i appreciate that deeply.

Loved this game with the Classic edition. In fact, I’ve reached a position where I cannot continue due to the annoying Group Speech bug that brings up a blank box dialogue that is inescapable – and there are points in the game where you are automatically engaged in group dialogue with your party. Have tried all suggested options of saves and reloads but no way past it. As such, the game is now unplayable until this bug is fixed. Anxiously awaiting further updates to fix problem. I recommend this game in its classic format.

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