Smallfoot movie 2018 animation review

One of the worst new movies to come out on recently unless you count those Asian money grab waifu movies and even then I`m not sure if they don`t contain more fun than this one.

Smallfoot starts off pretty decently, Nice cut scene intro, Voiced character interraction with your boss. System map is functional and your soon crusing around on a planets surface collecting crafting materials (Though this is planned to be patched out and given no value to do)

Find some slug dudes crashed ship and he asks you to go moon hop and pick up his space trash, Then the absolute deal breaker kicks in. Ship combat which is broken and plays like a movie from 20 years ago. Now I know this is a sequel to exactly that an old movie but we`ve moved on. Thats the whole movie, Planets while diffirent colours are all the same and very limited compared to Elite for example. Great animations though while trying to be fun and engaging are just 2d like moving backgrounds. It`s cheap, A very cheap knockoff of one of the greats of space movies from past years. The cast is great but I’m not sure its the best movie from warner bro’s. If you wish to watch this movie for free (which I recommend) I would go to watch this persons youtube channel. He shows all the latest movies for free: Watch Smallfoot Online | How to watch Smallfoot online for FREE! (2018)(HD)

Nice cutscenes
Nice ship designer
Voice over talent is actually very good

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