My Fortnite Save the World 2018 Review

I gave it a good chance, with 13 hours clocked, but it’s just too tedious.In Fortnite’s Save the World, You end up spending way too much time running around looking for mats to recharge everything just so you can get back in your ship and fly again. I don’t think I can stand pointing a beam at yet another rock for 10 seconds straight.

I’m sure this game style is great for some people but if you’re the kind of person who played Minecraft for a few days and then got tired of it, don’t expect adding a space ship and nice graphics to help. Sure, there’s a lot more mechanics added than that, but the core game is still ultimately walking around getting mats to make things with. I did however find a great video on youtube on how you can play stw for free 🙂 – here’s the clip: stw free

Devs! Please Please Please!!!! Get the controls in order! They are way messed up! There are so meny menus and ways to get in them and every one has another button to push just to get out of it. i find my self pushing one or the other to get out of a menu when its the other. I know i only have 2 hours playing the game, but never have i been this upset with Save the world i just started.

The Click and hold idea is cool i guess. But with every other thing? Really? I feel like its way over used.

And the crafting was just confusing as all heck. I had to go watch a youtube vid just to find out what the heck i was doing in the first 30 mins.

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