My BO4 Zombies Review

Don’t listen to the review bombers that are trying to paint the recent patch in an entirely negative light.

The game is good, and well made.

The devs aren’t biased as to who they are patching the game for. In other words, “The devs only care about [insert arbitrary name]” is absolutely full of it.

Ultimately, this game is fun if you enjoy teamwork-based challenges. If you enjoy stealthing about trying to complete challenges without being found, you’ll enjoy survivor roles. If you enjoy smacking around enemies, doing whatever necessary to ensure they fail, you’ll enjoy the killers. Here is where you can download it:

Moral of the story, pick up the game, play your alotted 2 hours, and sit on it. If you want to continue on, and learn how to play better, keep the game, and join our salty, crusty community. If you really didn’t enjoy yourself, and prefer different games, no foul, just return it.

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