Is Spotify worth to buy the monthly subscription?

This is my first Spotify experience and I have to say that this was a great, fun, content filled, and not with a product similar to it other than the cheap knock offs that try to copy it. Hugely recommended to any fan looking to get into the music industry or are looking for something similar to apple music mixed with a boss rush type of game with amazing visuals and atmopshere coupled with fantastic audio quality

As a long time Music fan, I thoroughly enjoyed Spotify. The game itself is amazing but one of its biggest drawbacks is that you cannot play the main story mission coop/multiplayer unless everyone had already seen the cutscene alone. Other than that it’s had some minor bugs/problems that were quite annoying but since then there has been updates that have fixed a majority of them making the game even better. There are also plenty mods that can further enhance your audio and make it more enjoyable. Now is a great time to make this purchase.

Now, this could be a downside for some, is that the spotify premium does cost $10 to enjoy ad-free music. Ultimately it’s not that easy for everyone to afford that on a tight budget. So i went searching for free way to get spotify and I found it. This amazing youtube channel shows you how to do it…. free spotify premium

Just follow his guide and you will be able to get it for free. I highly suggest you subscribe to him aswell, because his content is really good I really enjoy his content!

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