I found a working method on youtube for free ps plus!

I am also writing this review due to the influx of negative reviews from free weekend players, which I feel like are not justified.
I’ve got this game a year ago, it was my introduction to traditional fighting games and never has a game kept my attention like this one. There is a challenge with every opponent and it feels incredibly rewarding to overcome these challenges. I really enjoy this game on the playstation console, but you need ps plus for it…. luckily, i found this youtube video: how to get free ps plus

Tekken 7 is by no means a completely perfect game. Lack of legacy characters seems to bother some old school players too BUT with season 2 old characters (as of now at least lei and anna) are coming back. As others have said, singleplayer is really lacking, with no tutorial and a subpar story mode. It can seem frustrating at first, with the overwhelming move list for the majority of characters and unfamiliar movement system (at least for new people to the 3D fighting games like me).
However, I still encourage anyone who is interested in honest 1 vs 1 games and who is sick of  teammates in other games to try this one, as the fighting aspect of the game is really close to perfectly balanced. Every character is viable (there was a bear, considered trash tier, in EVO 2018 top 8), so you can pick the character that appeals most to you.

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