How to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your Xbox 360 console!

Highly recommend it! This review is based only on CO-OP as I have only played this game mode. Now take it with a grain of salt. But this youtube tutorial does work: fortnite xbox

++ CO-OP is sooo nice! Must be one of the best games for that.
And like Diablo, multiple players can play on the same computer which makes it very appealing!
++ Classless so you can mix and match while you progress and learn new spells
++ Tackle the quests as you see fit (killing or persuasion for example)

+ Multiple ways to go from a point A to B…. so one can sneak or go “swords blazing”
+ You can murder everyone without blocking quests givers (killing a guard will not hinder your progression)

+- Story can be uninteresting for some side quests but it is mostly very good

– Speaking of which: story can be hard to follow as you do other side quests
– Finding the right trader: it can be tiresome to run from one to another to see what spells they could be selling

— Understanding at the very beginning how to complete quests (quests markers are strange) can be a chore. I have used a lot online guides because it’s quite unclear at some points

Wow. One of the best RPGs out there. Freedom to play as you want at any time. The character creation screen has a great choice of pre-made ‘Origins’ characters, with a lore deep in the world and relationships and quests to go with it. Not only that these characters can be any class you chose for them. Perhaps Ifan is a rogue style fighter when you don’t play as him, but if you pick him, why not a mage or a grand warrior.

This is the style of freedom you have. The story too is deep and rewarding. Allowing to generally play as you wish. Skip ahead come back avoid quests it is up to you.

The world of Fortnite has so much going on it makes this game hard to put down. You should try it. By yourself or with friends it makes little difference.

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