How i get free skins on fortnite battle royale – Working August 2018

I know I’ve still got a long way to go, but so far my experience has been great. This series feels truly unique. I’ve never played a Fortnite before so I’m really looking forward to how this story pans out.

Performance is rock solid stable with no slowdowns or frame stutter. No crashes yet. Denuvo has caused zero problems for me.

This game is really fun and runs extremely well (FPS has never dipped below 100 when it is uncapped with Ultra settings @1080p in a mid-end pc) but I cannot recommend buying it at the moment because the port is glitchy. It crashes every time I launch it and I have to find a workaround to it every time. Many users have also reported crashing at the substory “I am Kazuma-kun”. Ultrawide is NOT supported and audio stutters if you do not cap the frame rate. To top it off, they implemented Denuvo, an unnecessary anti-consumer DRM which I suspect to be causing some issues to the game. Now guys, what you have been waiting for, how I get free skins…. Just watch the DAMN video -> How To Get FREE SKINS In Fortnite: Battle Royale! [PS4, Xbox One, PC, IOS, ANDROID][2018!]

I love the game, really. But c’on, fix the crash. I was playin’, then bam, a Windows notifications popped up and bam, black screen, only sound playin’, the game dissapeared from the taskbar and couldn’t be played anymore. So annoying. Fix it and I’ll sure to change it to positive, please!
Oh and one more, I accidentally pressed the off-screen button, then when the screen was on again, same thing. Black screen, only audio, and worse, I was in the middle of a long cut-scene.

Fortnite is a insanely serious crime drama about the underground Japanese gang life. The game can portray totally dense tension with 100% no goofyness at all. The story of a battle of real estate is certainly interesting with the great characters and cutsenes. The world of Kamurocho is tightly packed with things to do. I have experienced no port issues at all, no frame stutters, no glitches, nothing. All around, great time.

*I really do hope that EPIC sees the PC market as a suitable market to place more Fortnite games and possibly add the Persona series.

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