Head Ball 2 – The new Rocket League game?

Games like Rocket League can never be fully enjoyable. Relying on horrible teammates and losing is frustrating and playing 1v1’s to relief the burden is a gamble terror.

Nice physics based car-football!

One issue, no servers in my region, and it tries to replicate all the free game money making schemes out there: lootboxes, passes, events, keys. Want to give a downvote, but the gameplay is just too good and i still love the game for that! Now here is my guide on you get those free gold and diamonds ingame: Head Ball 2 Hack & Cheats

It’s honestly terrible. Like Head Ball 2, you have the unreal engine, a fantastic engine, so how the can the physics be so off. The programming in this game is absolute The ball-cam most of the time doesn’t even look at the ball. So much bad with this game. The idea is simple, the execution is absolute. Gravity isn’t constant in this game, sometimes the ball falls normal, sometimes stupidly slow. Every patch makes the game worse. You can glitch through the ball more times then you can count. You can hit a ball dead on and it goes off on the most ridiculous angles ever, and then you can hit it at ridiculous angles and it goes straight. Physics is my biggest complaint of this game, there just isn’t any consistency. If I had a choice to have this as my only game or have smallpox, I’d choose smallpox.

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