Fortnite vs GTA 5

First of all I seriously love this game with all of its content.

But I tell you one thing. Rockstar you have like THE WORST support on this planet.
Almost 3 Weeks have been passed now since I created my “Offline Not available” ticket.

I still get those stupid auto response messages which show me random solution offers. None of those helped me get back into the game.
I have tried everything I found on the entire internet to get my game running again.
Started from changing dns settings to deleting files and folders which you reccomend on your support area.

My steam is clearly working. My internet too. I even took the time to freakin shut down my computer, delete my hard drives to default. Reinstalled my windows 10. It took my hours to get it all done. I installed steam and GTA5 again and still the same problem?
If you are not willing to help me get back into that game I want you to refund my money for this. I will leave GTA5 und Rockstar Games 4 ever and you will never see me again. Fortnite, you can play for free but you can also get the free season 9 battle pass

In all the years of gaming, I have never seen something like this. This is the worst experience I ever made!

I seriously would pay for the support, that much I love to play this game!
So if anybody is willing to help me, let me know!

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