Fortnite Review

I highly recommend THE GAME in general, but I do not recommend buying it here just yet. There are a lot of problems going on. For example, fortnite takes up %100 of my GPU & CPU. That means I basically can not have anything else running in the background. Even music buffers. I have way higher then the “minimal” requirements they list here, and my game could hardly run on the lowest settings. Now if you only have a PC and really wanna play this, me and a few others did some research and found out a few things you can do to help with the problems their settings are having, that should last you until they actually fix it. Now if you want to play with your friends check out this video:

You need to completely turn off all of the following settings:
~Volume Rendering Quality

You also need to do the following:
~Play in “Borderless Window” instead of full screen.
~Set your Frame Rate to “60”.

When I found these fixes out, I was then able to play on the highest settings (minus the above obviously) and have things like music, Twitch, Discord, Pandora, or YouTube running in the background.

Now Fortnite itself is amazing. I have it for both PS4, and PC. Amazing graphics, amazing fighting, amazing armor, amazing hunting techniques, just… amazing. I very much recommend playing it.

– Deep crafting and loot system
– Very nice visuals and world
– The world feels very alive (You’ll see monsters fighting each other, other players joining your quest to help you, NPCs have interesting convo and stuff to do)

– Combat system is average. Locking, healing, looting and running feels unsmooth and can be annoying. Eg. You have to stop carrying your weapon each time you loot something/ heal
– A lot of disconnects and unable to find session
– Its not fun to play fortnite alone. It ll feel like a crazy grind

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