Fortnite free skins glitch? It’s possible says youtube channel!

Awesome game, as you’d expect from the Epic Games, plus new mechanics and an open world feel to it as the game doesn’t load areas singularly, but loads the whole level at once. Cool, no? Where’s the catch then? Well, you have to buy skins in fortnite, or do you? This new video came out on youtube that shows you that can get free fortnite skins

Optimization. Fortnite is a port from this generation consoles, and it seems to have been made quite lazily. A PC with an i7 at 4GHZ per core, 16 GB DDR4 and a GTX 1080 for graphics has a hard time keeping the 60FPS mark, tanking constantly at 50, sometimes 40, in the more detail rich areas like the Rotten Vale it even went down to the hideous console level 30s.

I’d like to take this occasion to inform people at Epic Games that you’re gonna sell even more copies if you can fix this quickly.
PC gamers tend to be demanding, and considering the overall better equipment at hand, with good reason.
Please get to it.

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