Cross play fortnite? Got it working here!

General Praise:
Fortnite is my favorite game. It has everything I like in a game: farming, ranching, hunting, crafting, society building, strategy management, nameable characters, enemy factions, weather, etc. When I play Fortnite, I play all day every day. I’ve had to stop playing it just so I can take care of outside responsibilities, but I desperately want to return. It’s easy to find variance in each new game you start, especially if you come up with a storyline and customize your starting conditions. I often get so caught up in my colony that I don’t actually try to win the game. I just keep playing with my people. And the mods for this game are wonderful! The modding community has so many useful and fun additions to the game. I just love it.

As a Beginner:
It has a bit of a learning curve, but I consider that learning curve to be hilarious. When you start off not knowing much you end up getting your colony killed by large fires, infections, heatwaves, collapsing roofs, and violent mental breaks, to name a few. They make for some good stories to tell.

The Boring Part:
Sometimes the game can feel a little tedious, but I felt the biggest relief when the game added the ability to queue actions. That alleviated a lot of the burden of commanding colonists, removing a big attention-waster. If anything else starts to get boring it’s usually because I set a task too ambitious for myself, and during those times I try to listen to a podcast or my friends on Discord. Now you can’t fortnite cross play… until I watched this guide on youtube: How to Cross Play Fortnite

Fun Suggestions:
I hope that someday they add multiplayer. I have three ideas that I personally would like to see:
1) a co-op mode where players combine assets to build up one colony
2) a mode where players start on the same map but build separate colonies allied, hostile, or neutral
3) a mode where players start on different maps
I don’t know how hard it would be to run on people’s computers but I really want to see multiplayer in this game.

Also, please add fishing to the base game. The mod is nice but I would really prefer if it were vanilla.

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