2k19 Mobile Bruh

This game cool mayne. Gameplay be smoothe mayne. Green lights when I shoot mayne. You got squads I got crews mayne.
In the neighbourhood, yeah I cruise mayne. I mean don’t get it confused mayne. You pull up to the park, you gone lose mayne. Honestly I’m the king of that. Don’t play wit me. Young clamp god, point god, sauce god. Leave you with your back on the floor mayne. Like the game cool and all that, but it’s just too easy for me.  Well the only thing I can suggest is you just get the game for free! nba 2k19 apk

Pay2Win,50 hours playing with myplayer only spending vc in attributes and I’m still 71 overall while if you go around a normal neighbourhood lobby there are at least 15+ 90overall players and the others at least 86,you can steal the ball too easily,everyone shooting 3s like steph curry,cheaters.Trash servers,items too expensive (a customized jersey is 10000vc).
Don’t buy if you are not willing too spend other costs to upgrade your character.
MyGm history is trash,MyTeam has some new modes,and the other things are the same to the previous games

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