Should you Jailbreak your ios 12 for gaming?

Incredible. iOS 12 is incredible

Like the old MH’s but better in every way (to me at least).
Definitely recommended if you’ve played any Monster Hunter before this,
or if you are new to the series this game presents the classic gameplay in a package easier to digest.

Only Con for me is the performance, horribly optimized for PC.
If you play at 4k 60fps normally expect to be playing at 1440p to get 60fps.
Same goes for 1440p, expect now you’ll be playing in 1080p to get 60fps (maybe lower (ew)) Now how to jailbreak? Easy and completely free for online: jailbreak ios 12 untethered

This is one of the game, for which I wish there was -5 stars rating.
First and foremost the porting from console to PC is at least atrocious and horrible.
Secondly the controls just bad and it is pretty sad to hear people on PC encouraging others to play it with a controller.
Third, the graphs are simply basic. Even A 2010 game has better graphs and more detailed ones, than this videogame atrocity. The game content is boring. The quests difficulty is absolutely ridiculous for new players who did the big mistake, and bought this game.Other than that, the amount of money they request in order to obtain this game is ridiculous too. I am not wondering anymore if MH is a good game or not, it is obviously not. But I do wonder however, what people find in this game..

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