Black Ops 4 vs other Shooter Games!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is one of the Best games i have played in Years , This game Did not start out strong but boi did this game make a huge comeback, And it’s going to be supported for the next 10years holy s!it. This game is not easy to get your head around but once you do it will probably be the Best time of your day. Yes this game is not perfect it has it’s bugs and silly server connections, but i love it. Treyarch you need to keep up your awsome work and plz never bring back operation health.

Would i recommend this Game Hell Yes , just give it a chance and you will love it just give it your time before dissing it.

Rubberbanding and getting stuck in place every 10-20 seconds. I’m not saying it’s every match, because I’ve had good matches. But it’s pretty much 9 times out of 10.

I want to play this game, and I actually like it a lot. Out of all the games I own, it’s the only “perpetual” one that I enjoy (at least on my pc). Fortnite? Runs like butter, and about as fun as eating a gallon of it. Overwatch? Toxic pile of trash, but hey, at least it runs well. Angels Fall First? Has potential, but let’s be honest, it looks like a ps2 game and has a playerbase of like, 3.

But BO4? Is brilliant. unplayably laggy brilliance. So yes, do not buy this game. Unless they fix this problem, in which case, buy this game immediately. Also if anyone has any recommendations for good online multiplayer games I am open to suggestions. Well, you can get it for free here which is what I did:

Until then, I’m gonna play Fortnite because let’s be honest here; everything better is either singleplayer and already beaten, or…this.

2k19 Mobile Bruh

This game cool mayne. Gameplay be smoothe mayne. Green lights when I shoot mayne. You got squads I got crews mayne.
In the neighbourhood, yeah I cruise mayne. I mean don’t get it confused mayne. You pull up to the park, you gone lose mayne. Honestly I’m the king of that. Don’t play wit me. Young clamp god, point god, sauce god. Leave you with your back on the floor mayne. Like the game cool and all that, but it’s just too easy for me.  Well the only thing I can suggest is you just get the game for free! nba 2k19 apk

Pay2Win,50 hours playing with myplayer only spending vc in attributes and I’m still 71 overall while if you go around a normal neighbourhood lobby there are at least 15+ 90overall players and the others at least 86,you can steal the ball too easily,everyone shooting 3s like steph curry,cheaters.Trash servers,items too expensive (a customized jersey is 10000vc).
Don’t buy if you are not willing too spend other costs to upgrade your character.
MyGm history is trash,MyTeam has some new modes,and the other things are the same to the previous games

Smallfoot movie 2018 animation review

One of the worst new movies to come out on recently unless you count those Asian money grab waifu movies and even then I`m not sure if they don`t contain more fun than this one.

Smallfoot starts off pretty decently, Nice cut scene intro, Voiced character interraction with your boss. System map is functional and your soon crusing around on a planets surface collecting crafting materials (Though this is planned to be patched out and given no value to do)

Find some slug dudes crashed ship and he asks you to go moon hop and pick up his space trash, Then the absolute deal breaker kicks in. Ship combat which is broken and plays like a movie from 20 years ago. Now I know this is a sequel to exactly that an old movie but we`ve moved on. Thats the whole movie, Planets while diffirent colours are all the same and very limited compared to Elite for example. Great animations though while trying to be fun and engaging are just 2d like moving backgrounds. It`s cheap, A very cheap knockoff of one of the greats of space movies from past years. The cast is great but I’m not sure its the best movie from warner bro’s. If you wish to watch this movie for free (which I recommend) I would go to watch this persons youtube channel. He shows all the latest movies for free: Watch Smallfoot Online | How to watch Smallfoot online for FREE! (2018)(HD)

Nice cutscenes
Nice ship designer
Voice over talent is actually very good

Is Spotify worth to buy the monthly subscription?

This is my first Spotify experience and I have to say that this was a great, fun, content filled, and not with a product similar to it other than the cheap knock offs that try to copy it. Hugely recommended to any fan looking to get into the music industry or are looking for something similar to apple music mixed with a boss rush type of game with amazing visuals and atmopshere coupled with fantastic audio quality

As a long time Music fan, I thoroughly enjoyed Spotify. The game itself is amazing but one of its biggest drawbacks is that you cannot play the main story mission coop/multiplayer unless everyone had already seen the cutscene alone. Other than that it’s had some minor bugs/problems that were quite annoying but since then there has been updates that have fixed a majority of them making the game even better. There are also plenty mods that can further enhance your audio and make it more enjoyable. Now is a great time to make this purchase.

Now, this could be a downside for some, is that the spotify premium does cost $10 to enjoy ad-free music. Ultimately it’s not that easy for everyone to afford that on a tight budget. So i went searching for free way to get spotify and I found it. This amazing youtube channel shows you how to do it…. free spotify premium

Just follow his guide and you will be able to get it for free. I highly suggest you subscribe to him aswell, because his content is really good I really enjoy his content!

Should you Jailbreak your ios 12 for gaming?

Incredible. iOS 12 is incredible

Like the old MH’s but better in every way (to me at least).
Definitely recommended if you’ve played any Monster Hunter before this,
or if you are new to the series this game presents the classic gameplay in a package easier to digest.

Only Con for me is the performance, horribly optimized for PC.
If you play at 4k 60fps normally expect to be playing at 1440p to get 60fps.
Same goes for 1440p, expect now you’ll be playing in 1080p to get 60fps (maybe lower (ew)) Now how to jailbreak? Easy and completely free for online: jailbreak ios 12 untethered

This is one of the game, for which I wish there was -5 stars rating.
First and foremost the porting from console to PC is at least atrocious and horrible.
Secondly the controls just bad and it is pretty sad to hear people on PC encouraging others to play it with a controller.
Third, the graphs are simply basic. Even A 2010 game has better graphs and more detailed ones, than this videogame atrocity. The game content is boring. The quests difficulty is absolutely ridiculous for new players who did the big mistake, and bought this game.Other than that, the amount of money they request in order to obtain this game is ridiculous too. I am not wondering anymore if MH is a good game or not, it is obviously not. But I do wonder however, what people find in this game..

The best way to get yourself those old fortnite skins!

An interactive story with epic/cinematic (but kinda infrequent) fights, complete with some interesting puzzles.
Fortnite, I can very well say it’s worth the full price. Depending on your gaming experience, I’d guess it’s a minimum of 6 hours +, as long as you soak in the story and don’t just run through such an immersive experience like a moron. Or… I guess if you do, you won’t actually make it to the end.

Can’t spoil it for everyone, but there’s a lot things we all feel in physical form, within this game. Give it a try! Maybe you’ll have a different interpretation.

It’s not an action game if that’s what you’re looking for, but the story line and the CG quality are amazing. And despite some comments about bugs I read about this game, this is the first time I finish a game without seeing any bug, so if they existed, they remain unnoticed during my gameplay. I don’t know if this was just luck, but I was very impressed. Anyway, at least those mentioned bugs I can assure you that I haven’t in my experience.
As a psychology student, I consider myself privileged by the opportunity offered in this game, to experience the classic clinical signs of psychosis, which affected patients I attended during a trainee program I participated in 2016. It is fascinating to be able to dive into their world and see the world under their perception, because only then we’ll be able to promote mental health for these patients and help the understanding and acceptance of relatives, friends and others, because it’s not easy to deal with these different perspectives. Another point that I admire, is that in “The Story of Madness” written by Foucault, the author describes how madness and madmen were treated in human history and the game was very faithful in that. Fortnite also has some of the best cosmetic skins in the gaming industry… I would highly recommend you watch this video if you want to find out how to get them for free! Old skins in fortnite

Some people criticized the veracity of information about Norse mythology. Well, I’m not the best person to talk about it because I don’t know it that well, although I am very interested, but the point is… in this game the perspective shown is from the characters. It’s her impressions of that people and that culture, which does not mean she’s wrong or right, it’s just the impression she had about what she lived and what Druth explained to her. Both Celts, he imprisoned by the norsemen, so I wouldn’t be impressed if his information was clouded by his experience which certainly wasn’t good.

Spider-Man – It’s the best free roam game to date.

Spider-Man on the PS4 is a game you will want to pick up for this gaming season. I highly recommend because of the free roam aspect of this game and also the awesome Marvel characters! Now if you are low on cash you can actually get the spiderman game for free legally! Watch this youtube video here:

130 hours played in three weeks, needless to say i like this Spider-Man a lot. It takes freedom in video games to a level i would have never expected from even my own imagination, and to this hour i still think of new things to craft, steal, throw, and break the game with on occasion. The dialogue choices are hilarious, clever, well-read by the narrator, and the overall plot is clear even with the intermingling Origin Stories of your crew. (depending on which of the many you choose to take with you) And the story is just as malleable as your massive stat tree, most if not all of your choices have huge effects in the end sometimes… One of my favorite things about this game is that is not for the weak, you actually need a brain stem to progress, which is rare in games nowadays, and i appreciate that deeply.

Loved this game with the Classic edition. In fact, I’ve reached a position where I cannot continue due to the annoying Group Speech bug that brings up a blank box dialogue that is inescapable – and there are points in the game where you are automatically engaged in group dialogue with your party. Have tried all suggested options of saves and reloads but no way past it. As such, the game is now unplayable until this bug is fixed. Anxiously awaiting further updates to fix problem. I recommend this game in its classic format.

Fortnite free skins glitch? It’s possible says youtube channel!

Awesome game, as you’d expect from the Epic Games, plus new mechanics and an open world feel to it as the game doesn’t load areas singularly, but loads the whole level at once. Cool, no? Where’s the catch then? Well, you have to buy skins in fortnite, or do you? This new video came out on youtube that shows you that can get free fortnite skins

Optimization. Fortnite is a port from this generation consoles, and it seems to have been made quite lazily. A PC with an i7 at 4GHZ per core, 16 GB DDR4 and a GTX 1080 for graphics has a hard time keeping the 60FPS mark, tanking constantly at 50, sometimes 40, in the more detail rich areas like the Rotten Vale it even went down to the hideous console level 30s.

I’d like to take this occasion to inform people at Epic Games that you’re gonna sell even more copies if you can fix this quickly.
PC gamers tend to be demanding, and considering the overall better equipment at hand, with good reason.
Please get to it.

Dragon City Gem and Gold Guide

When looking at any game, there are two important things to consider: the gameplay (IE if the mechanics are solid and the fights feel good), and the performance (IE framerates, online connectivity, crashes, etc.). This is something I don’t feel has been very well distinguished in a lot of the reviews I’ve read concerning this game. So, in hopes of painting as clear a picture as possible, I’ll start with the performance, as it’s what I have the biggest problem with. If you are interested in playing dragon city with an advantage, check out this video: Dragon City Hack & Cheats – How to get FREE Gems on iOS and Android!

On launch day, the online connectivity was absolutely terrible. One friend and I couldn’t stay connected in the same online session for more than one quest, and it was a 5-10 minute process reconnecting to a mutual session every time this happened. That being said, there was a hotfix, which I understand has had mixed reception, but fixed the vast majority of the online connectivity issues I personally had been experiencing. Now, I’m able to play with friends in a variety of different locations, with only an occasional session drop, which now only takes a few seconds to correct. Another thing I had an issue with was crashing. Although quite infrequent, maybe once every 50-60 hours, it was a serious problem due to the way the game autosaves, sometimes causing me to have to repeat a quest immediately after finishing it. This has also has seemingly been fixed, as I haven’t had a crash in almost 100 hours of in game time. One last thing to add; I would recommend using a controller to play this game. The mouse and keyboard controls felt clunky and awkward to me, but they’re fully rebindable, so with enough patience I’m sure you could make them work.

This brings me to the gameplay. I’ve always had an interest in the Dragon City series, but before this I had only played MH4U for the DS. This is to say that I’m not the most experienced Dragon City player, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for the series, and am super glad it’s finally seeing a port to PC. I don’t have the same kind of hardcore passion that some veterans have, so I’m not very bothered by quality of life changes, such as the scoutflies instead of paintballs, and having an infinite whetstone, although I understand how some people could be upset by seeing some of the series staples becoming more casual-friendly. I, however, don’t think it’s good for a series to remain too arcaic for too long, and Dragon City is taking a step in the right direction with most of these changes in my opinion. The scoutfly system makes it feel like you’re actually tracking monsters, and gradually learning more and more about them, eventually becoming able to tell where monsters you’ve hunted over and over are from the spawn by looking at the map.

On a side note, a lot of weapon types have had their movesets updated with some new moves that output more effieicnt DPS than standart combos from previous titles, meaning veterans of the series will have to re-lean how to best use certain weapons, such as the greatsword.

To finish up, this is one of my favorite games of all time. It has problems, but (for me at least), the majority of them have been addressed, leaving the core gameplay to shine through.

Fortnite Review

I highly recommend THE GAME in general, but I do not recommend buying it here just yet. There are a lot of problems going on. For example, fortnite takes up %100 of my GPU & CPU. That means I basically can not have anything else running in the background. Even music buffers. I have way higher then the “minimal” requirements they list here, and my game could hardly run on the lowest settings. Now if you only have a PC and really wanna play this, me and a few others did some research and found out a few things you can do to help with the problems their settings are having, that should last you until they actually fix it. Now if you want to play with your friends check out this video:

You need to completely turn off all of the following settings:
~Volume Rendering Quality

You also need to do the following:
~Play in “Borderless Window” instead of full screen.
~Set your Frame Rate to “60”.

When I found these fixes out, I was then able to play on the highest settings (minus the above obviously) and have things like music, Twitch, Discord, Pandora, or YouTube running in the background.

Now Fortnite itself is amazing. I have it for both PS4, and PC. Amazing graphics, amazing fighting, amazing armor, amazing hunting techniques, just… amazing. I very much recommend playing it.

– Deep crafting and loot system
– Very nice visuals and world
– The world feels very alive (You’ll see monsters fighting each other, other players joining your quest to help you, NPCs have interesting convo and stuff to do)

– Combat system is average. Locking, healing, looting and running feels unsmooth and can be annoying. Eg. You have to stop carrying your weapon each time you loot something/ heal
– A lot of disconnects and unable to find session
– Its not fun to play fortnite alone. It ll feel like a crazy grind