How to play Fortnite Battle Royale on your Xbox 360 console!

Highly recommend it! This review is based only on CO-OP as I have only played this game mode. Now take it with a grain of salt. But this youtube tutorial does work: fortnite xbox

++ CO-OP is sooo nice! Must be one of the best games for that.
And like Diablo, multiple players can play on the same computer which makes it very appealing!
++ Classless so you can mix and match while you progress and learn new spells
++ Tackle the quests as you see fit (killing or persuasion for example)

+ Multiple ways to go from a point A to B…. so one can sneak or go “swords blazing”
+ You can murder everyone without blocking quests givers (killing a guard will not hinder your progression)

+- Story can be uninteresting for some side quests but it is mostly very good

– Speaking of which: story can be hard to follow as you do other side quests
– Finding the right trader: it can be tiresome to run from one to another to see what spells they could be selling

— Understanding at the very beginning how to complete quests (quests markers are strange) can be a chore. I have used a lot online guides because it’s quite unclear at some points

Wow. One of the best RPGs out there. Freedom to play as you want at any time. The character creation screen has a great choice of pre-made ‘Origins’ characters, with a lore deep in the world and relationships and quests to go with it. Not only that these characters can be any class you chose for them. Perhaps Ifan is a rogue style fighter when you don’t play as him, but if you pick him, why not a mage or a grand warrior.

This is the style of freedom you have. The story too is deep and rewarding. Allowing to generally play as you wish. Skip ahead come back avoid quests it is up to you.

The world of Fortnite has so much going on it makes this game hard to put down. You should try it. By yourself or with friends it makes little difference.

Cross play fortnite? Got it working here!

General Praise:
Fortnite is my favorite game. It has everything I like in a game: farming, ranching, hunting, crafting, society building, strategy management, nameable characters, enemy factions, weather, etc. When I play Fortnite, I play all day every day. I’ve had to stop playing it just so I can take care of outside responsibilities, but I desperately want to return. It’s easy to find variance in each new game you start, especially if you come up with a storyline and customize your starting conditions. I often get so caught up in my colony that I don’t actually try to win the game. I just keep playing with my people. And the mods for this game are wonderful! The modding community has so many useful and fun additions to the game. I just love it.

As a Beginner:
It has a bit of a learning curve, but I consider that learning curve to be hilarious. When you start off not knowing much you end up getting your colony killed by large fires, infections, heatwaves, collapsing roofs, and violent mental breaks, to name a few. They make for some good stories to tell.

The Boring Part:
Sometimes the game can feel a little tedious, but I felt the biggest relief when the game added the ability to queue actions. That alleviated a lot of the burden of commanding colonists, removing a big attention-waster. If anything else starts to get boring it’s usually because I set a task too ambitious for myself, and during those times I try to listen to a podcast or my friends on Discord. Now you can’t fortnite cross play… until I watched this guide on youtube: How to Cross Play Fortnite

Fun Suggestions:
I hope that someday they add multiplayer. I have three ideas that I personally would like to see:
1) a co-op mode where players combine assets to build up one colony
2) a mode where players start on the same map but build separate colonies allied, hostile, or neutral
3) a mode where players start on different maps
I don’t know how hard it would be to run on people’s computers but I really want to see multiplayer in this game.

Also, please add fishing to the base game. The mod is nice but I would really prefer if it were vanilla.

Pokemon Quest Review

It’s addictive, and I had a lot of fun playing it, but not enough fun relative to the number of hours I spent on it. The first few hours of the game are a mix of enjoyable and infuriating. Then Pokemon Quest gets very grindy, a fault which is compounded by bugs and a deficit of originality in mid- to late-game. Firaxis failed to expand upon the opportunities for interesting strategy and thoughtful play presented in Pokemon Quest — they just made some of the enemies much tougher or faster or more aggressive. The story, too, is mediocre at best. The gimmicks that were fun and novel in the first game are still present here, but no longer fun or novel. As a sequel to a truly excellent title, it lacks maturity.

I must say, the customization options for the soldiers are an improvement over the original and there’s a ton of Steam Workshop content available to enhance your experience

Liked what I COULD play of it, but in the first 76 minutes it crashed and made me restart my computer 4 times, even after adjusting everything to low settings. And yes, my rig is capable of handling this game and many others on the recommended settings, not just the minimum. Now if you are need of some free tickets in pokemon quest be sure to watch this guide on youtube: Pokemon Quest Hack & Cheats – How to get FREE PM Tickets on iOS and Android [Pokémon Quest]

Running is initially very hard, even if you have seen someone do it before, even if you have ran in the past and need to learn to run again it is very hard. We simply have to accept that initially we are going to be horrible at it. Furthermore, there is a right way to run even though there appears to be many ways to do it. Those who refuse to run correctly suffer the consequences and it ruins their enjoyment of running and may even blame their frustration on the activity of running itself, while those who find the correct way to run find it incredibly enjoyable and even satisfying. Yes, you will make mistakes when you first start to run and will suffer severe consequences that you won’t easily forget but you will improve if you choose to learn. But you will never run perfectly all the time – that is simply a fact we all have to accept.

And that really sums up Pokemon Quest perfectly. It isn’t similar enough to the first game to allow someone familiar with the series to just wade in with gun blazing. it changes enough to almost become a whole new game in how you must approach it. it also has what can best be described as an inverse difficulty curve where you will find that failures happen more early on in the game than later. You’ll lose squaddie after squadie as you scrape through the early missions but by the mid-game your gear will be ensuring a better survival rate. In a way, it actually enhances the theme of the game given that you are playing the underdogs, but I can understand that some people just don’t like the idea of ‘losing’ so early in the game.